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Focusing on Fire Safety

Safety is a priority at The Malvern School, and it’s always an important topic in our classrooms. Throughout October, our schools have an extra focus on fire safety for National Fire Prevention Month – and what better way for kiddos to learn about fire safety and prevention than with real firefighters and a big red fire truck?

Thanks to our local fire departments, our friends had the opportunity to learn and experience important lessons about fire safety directly from our community helpers!

Not only is this an exciting special visit for our students, it’s also important that young children have the opportunity to familiarize themselves with firefighters.

Children may be frightened by firefighters – or even hide from them during an emergency – because of their scary appearance when they’re wearing all of their protective gear. Seeing the tools they use to protect themselves and others up close helps children understand that firefighters are always there to help. 

Aside from these visits, our teachers built and planned many different age-appropriate, play-based fire safety activities. This includes a Fire Station dramatic play area in all of our Discovery Rooms, which was a bit hit with our preschool and Pre-K students, as you’ll see below.

Enjoy these fire safety highlights from our schools in Voorhees, Royersford, Erial and Horsham. A special shout-out to the Voorhees Township Fire Department, Limerick Fire Department, Erial Fire Company and Horsham Fire Company!


The Malvern School of Voorhees


The Malvern School of Royersford


The Malvern School of Erial


The Malvern School of Horsham

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