Five Fun & Easy at Home Activities to Keep Your Kids Busy

2 min
Jul 15, 2024
Right now, staying well at home is our number one priority. Priority number two? Keeping our children busy while learning and having fun! While it�s a tall task when time at home has been altered and amplified, we�re here to help with five easy activities you can try with your children when the inevitable boredom hits. The best part? Most materials needed can be found around your house making for an easy set up and even easier way to keep everyone entertained. Enjoy!

Toy Car Wash

What you�ll need: toys, water, soup, sponges
  1. Clean up time in disguise! Take your toys and create a �car wash� in a bin with water, soap, and sponges.
  2. Run the toys through your car wash by hand for a fun way to keep things sanitary!

Black Water Scavenger Hunt

What you�ll need : water, large bin or bowl, black food coloring, objects to submerge in water
  1. Fill a large bin or bowl with water and add black food coloring. Darken the water until you can�t see the bottom.
  2. Drop toys or various household objects into the container.
  3. Create a scavenger hunt list from the objects for your child to find!

Sensory Bottles

What you�ll need: water bottle, water, glue, food coloring, glitter
  1. Fill a clean water bottle 3/4 of the way full with warm water (remove any labels on bottle).
  2. Add clear Elmer�s glue (one bottle is recommended).
  3. Add glitter. Lots of glitter.
  4. Squeeze a few drops of your food coloring of choice into the water.
  5. Superglue the lid shut and shake it up and for a sensory bottle surprise!

Rainbow Rice

What you�ll need: white uncooked rice, white vinegar, food coloring, wax paper, plastic baggie
  1. Add 1 cup of your uncooked rice to a small plastic bag with a few drops of food coloring.
  2. Add 1 teaspoon of white vinegar to the bag, seal the top and shake, mixing the color around the rice.
  3. When the color is evenly mixed, pour onto a piece of wax paper, spreading out thinly to dry (up to 1+ hour).
  4. Repeat with all the colors of the rainbow- identify each color with your child as you go.
  5. Once dry, mix the colors together to create a rainbow!

Bouncing Bubbles

What you�ll need: water, dish soap, sugar, bubble wand
  1. Combine 4 tablespoons of water, 1 tablespoon of dish soap, and 2 tablespoons of sugar in a bowl.
  2. Dip a bubble wand in the solution. 
  3. Blow and watch the bubbles bounce as they land on a surface!