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Crow for a Cause: Fighting Childhood Cancer One “Like” at a Time

What do scarecrows, Alex’s Lemonade Stand, The Malvern School, and your vote all have in common? Raising money to find a cure for pediatric cancer!

The second annual Crow for a Cause is officially back and better than ever for The Malvern School’s last effort in the 2019 ALSF fundraising season. Much like last year, each Malvern School was tasked with creating their own unique scarecrow to stand tall in the name of raising awareness for this amazing cause, putting their creativity to the test in hopes of being named this year’s winner. All of the schools did an amazing job, and now they need your help!

Here’s what you can do:


For each “like” that a photo receives, The Malvern School will donate $1 to Alex’s Lemonade Stand Foundation (up to $500!) to help fund research and ultimately find a cure for pediatric cancer. Happy liking!

Stay tuned for the official 2019 fundraising total in November!

Read more about The Malvern School’s partnership with Alex’s Lemonade Stand Foundation here

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