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Bring Literacy Celebration Day Home

Next Tuesday, September 28, friends of all ages at every Malvern School will be participating in Literacy Celebration Day, a special event that we host four times a year dedicated to celebrating our love of literacy. For this upcoming celebration, we will be featuring the book All Are Welcome by Alexandra Penfold and focus on bringing the story and its lessons to life through all types of different activities throughout the day. However, the fun and learning doesn’t have to end when the school day is over. Here are some ways you can extend Literacy Celebration Day even further with your little one at home.


  • Dig into our featured story at home.
    All Are Welcome is a sweet story that highlights how all are welcome to join together, learn and explore at school. Check the book out from your local library or pick it up wherever you buy books so you can read – or have your child help read – the story at night or over the weekend. Judging by the excitement of the day, they will be excited to see the book at home and tell you all about it!


  • Use Tadpoles to discuss the day.
    Our teachers do a fantastic job of planning engaging activities that celebrate our featured book, promote early literacy and extend the story to lessons in other areas like art, music, math and more. Talk with your little one at home about the various activities they participated in during the day as well as what they learned using the notes and photos from Tadpoles as your guide. Did they have a favorite activity? See if you can recreate it at home!


  • Reinforce the importance of diversity and inclusion.
    With our book selection, this Literacy Celebration Day in particular is a wonderful springboard to discuss the key theme of diversity and inclusion with your little one in age-appropriate ways. Take a cue from the book and explore with your child how your family values diversity and inclusion. Hearing this from parents and family members reinforces the lessons they are learning in school and vice versa.

We’re looking forward to a great Literacy Celebration Day and hope you will also join in on the fun and learning at home!

If you have any questions about the Literacy Celebration Day activities at your school, please contact your local Directors.


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