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Behind the Scenes of Young Authors’ Night


A strong focus on literacy is one of the most valued aspects of The Malvern School curriculum. At The Malvern School, students are not only taught language and literacy concepts, but they learn how to put it in action during our favorite night of the year- Young Authors’ Night. In preparation of this event, students practice their reading, writing, art, and public speaking skills, with an emphasis on expressing their creativity.

Young Authors’ Night is an event put on by every school to showcase stories that our Pre-K and Kindergarten Enrichment classes have written themselves. Parents are invited to hear their young author’s share their stories aloud to their families and friends. Weeks of preparation lead up to the highly anticipated event, and students beam with pride when they finally get to show off all of their hard work!

This year, we followed Lillian, a Pre-Kindergarten student at The Malvern School of Royersford, throughout her process to get a sneak peek into what goes into creating our Malvern School friends’ masterpieces. We go behind the scenes into the making of her book, “Unicorn and the Starry Night,” a piece in Lillian’s words is “her imagination getting the best of her.”


Lillian started the process with her teacher, Miss Mindi, by creating a story web that included the story’s characters, setting, problem, and solution of the story.

Lillian tells us how excited she is for her book to come together.

Next, Lillian was asked to illustrate the main characters in her story, Twinklie and Katherine.  This was her favorite part, she tells us, because she wants to be an artist when she grows up!


From there, Miss Mindi and Lillian worked together to create a beginning, middle, and end of the book.


Finally, over the next few weeks, Lillian worked on writing out her story and illustrating each page.


When the big night was finally here, Lillian proudly shared her story with her family!

We proudly present to you “The Unicorn and the Starry Night” By Lillian Roche!

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