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Author of the Month: Dr. Seuss- Making Reading Fun for Four Generations

Whether it be Cat in the Hat, Green Eggs and Ham, or Horton Hears a Who– no matter the book, the rhyme, or the time, there’s always a place for Dr. Seuss in early childhood education! You may be familiar with Theodor Geisel, better known as Dr. Seuss, the originator of these classic children books with whimsical rhymes and quirky characters. Witty, playful, and always mindful of children, he charmed his way into the lives of four generations and in the process, helped millions learn to read. The Malvern School lends recognition to his legacy by honoring Dr. Seuss as April’s author of the month!


On March 2, 1904, the author and illustrator was born in Springfield, Massachusetts. This day is now popularly and appropriately known as Read Across America Day, a day dedicated to the celebration of literacy and motivating young readers. Before his legacy begun, Geisel attended Dartmouth College, where he was the editor of the school’s humor magazine, and later went on to study at Oxford University.  Geisel’s first bestseller, “The Cat in the Hat,” was published in 1957. The story of a mischievous cat in a tall striped hat came about after his publisher asked him to produce a book using 220 new-reader vocabulary words that could serve as an entertaining alternative to the school reading children found boring.


Dr. Seuss is a Malvern School favorite, making an appearance in the curriculum and many classroom celebrations throughout the year. The use of rhythm used heavily in Dr. Seuss’ works, is a vital tool for young children to understand when phrases end and begin. In addition, the use of made-up words such as “Thneeds” and “Bar-ba-loots” are not only silly and entertaining but also encourage children to learn new words. The combination of these rhymes and abstract words in Seuss’ work challenges children in a way other children’s literature doesn’t always do, providing teachable moments on every page and proving his work to be an important tool in early childhood development.


While Theodor Geisel died in September of 1991, Dr. Seuss lives on, inspiring generations of children to explore the joys of reading. Winner of the Pulitzer Prize and three Academy Awards, Geisel authored and illustrated 44 children’s books in his lifetime and enriched too many lives to count. The Malvern School hopes to carry on his legacy by celebrating the joy of reading every day, and prove his wise words to be true- “The more that you read, the more things you will know. The more that you learn, the more places you’ll go.”

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