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An Incredible Week At The Malvern School of West Norriton

norritonWhat an incredible week it has been!  I remember the 1st annual Alex’s Lemonade Stand we had.  This week, we made $1,500 just on the stand alone.  Cars drove by and stopped to hand ones, fives, tens and twenties to our children who were accompanied by an adult. Some drivers even stated that they didn’t even want the cup of lemonade!  The children jumping for joy when the $100 dollar bill came in from a neighboring business.  The look on the children’s faces were priceless.  The stories that came from this day about the many people battling cancer through the years motivated us to sell more.

This year’s 7th annual lemonade stand was especially memorable as we had a leukemia patient named Skylar, whose brother attends The Malvern School of West Norriton.  She is two years old and helped us sell lemonade along with the help of her mother for three hours.  Having Skylar here, inspired us to do as much as we possibly could.  Skylar’s aunt explained to us how Alex’s Foundation helped her during a two month stay in the hospital.  All the supplies that were in a special art room were supplied by Alex’s.  She shared many other heartwarming stories with us on this day.

The staff here at West Norriton’s Malvern School is incredibly honored to be a small part of this big event.  With raffles and the money from the sale of lemonade, we made over $3,500.

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