An Amazing Team Makes a Great Workplace, According to Teacher Marisa Ciocca

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Jul 15, 2024
[caption id="attachment_11519" align="alignright" width="475"] Marisa Ciocca (center) - pictured with Associate Director Alisa Footes (left) and Assistant Director Dave Dadich (right) - says her amazing co-workers, bosses, students and families are what make The Malvern School such a special place.[/caption]

Spotlight on Marisa Ciocca

  • Role: Lead Teacher
  • Classroom: Toddlers
  • Location: The Malvern School of Richboro
  • Malvern School Employee Since: 2015
An amazing team can make the difference between a good workplace and a great one. That�s the type of team that Ms. Marisa enjoys being part of at The Malvern School of Richboro � and one that she says makes the school a truly supportive environment.

Why is The Malvern School a great workplace?�

MC: I have amazing co-workers, bosses, students and families! All of the teachers work together as a team, and most of us have become good friends. My Directors are always there if I ever need anything, like assistance in the classroom or with a child. They know they can trust me as well. Overall, the staff is wonderful to work with, and I really feel loved by the families and children!

As a teacher, what opportunities are you provided to both lead and learn?

MC: I really feel like I have become a teacher role model for the Toddler classrooms this past year. I have the opportunity to help train new teachers, and people know they can turn to me for help and answers. I have also had a great learning experience myself at The Malvern School over the years. I have learned so much and continue to learn how to be a better teacher all the time!

What's the best thing about The Malvern School for children and families?

MC: They feel safe and comfortable bringing their children to school, which is really important for families. They get to know all the staff very well and know that their children will be loved, taught well and learning every day.  

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