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A Tribute to Mrs. Bush

It is with great sadness that we join the nation in paying homage to former First Lady, Barbara Bush. Mrs. Bush was one of the most influential and well-known champions for literacy in America and while at the White House, she dedicated most of her time to support literacy, specifically for early childhood education. One of her most popular initiatives was Mrs. Bush’s Story Time, a radio show that featured Mrs. Bush and a host of well-known celebrities reading some of the nation’s best-loved children books. More than one million Americans tuned into the show.

It was her strong dedication to promoting literacy in the United States that inspired The Malvern School’s President and Co-Founder, Kristen Waterfield, to launch Mrs. Bush’s Story Time in 2010 in all Malvern School locations. Today, The Malvern School continues Mrs. Bush’s legacy by celebrating her devotion to the education of our children by hosting several Mrs. Bush’s Story Times at our schools throughout the year. Each story time at our schools is integrated into the curriculum and includes themed activities for children of all ages.

Today, as we celebrate the amazing life of Mrs. Barbara Bush, we also celebrate the early childhood education advocacy and dedication she displayed during her fruitful life.  With our next Mrs. Bush’s Story Time scheduled for June 5th, we will have a special dedication to Mrs. Bush’s legacy and we will fondly remember why we read to our young children every day.

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