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“A Time of Thanks”

oaks1Why are you thankful? This month as Thanksgiving approaches it is important to remember to discuss why we are thankful, and what we are thankful for.

The teachers have been discussing this very topic here at Oaks with the children. Each classroom made a turkey together. Our younger classes used teamwork to paint or decorate a turkey together and our Preschool and PreKindergarten classes wrote one thing they were thankful for.


We have also been learning why it is nice to share, help others and show appreciation for things we have. On Wednesday November 12, 2014 we held our annual feast.   The children learned what Thanksgiving is all about, why we feast on turkey and pies, watch football and celebrate with family and friends.

From our school to your family, please have a very thankful and filling Thanksgiving. Thank you for enrolling your child with The Malvern School of Oaks and entrusting our teachers to provide your family with the best program around.

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