A Message From The Malvern School of Marlboro

1 min
Jul 15, 2024
Summer is rapidly coming to an end and we have a busy schedule here at The Malvern School of Marlboro for the remainder of our camp season. The children will be Diving In for two weeks. During this theme we have a visitor coming to entertain the children with great music and movement activities. She will be bring all types of songs related to water such as under the sea, and songs from Nemo. Kona ice is paying us a visit to help us cool off in this heat wave we have been having. During our Dive In the Waters Warm theme, we will be learning about fish and aquariums. The teachers have activities planned such as make your own fruit ice pops, our children love ice pops, jell-o aquariums, water paintings and scavenger hunts. Counting down the last two weeks of summer we will have a visit from the famous Tom McDonnell. Our children are so excited to meet Mr. Tom. This is our first experience with Tom and his magic show. We have heard great things about him. Also to complete our camp theme we will be camping in the jungle. Looking for all types of animals that live in the jungle, especially Toucan Sam. I wonder what the children will find in the Malvern School of Marlboro�s jungle. For the past few weeks we have been promoting and asking our families to help donate to Alex�s lemonade Stand. As a group we have been selling lemons with families names on them, change donations, raffle baskets and fresh lemonade. We are also completing a Rita�s fundraiser. Children will be selling quarts of ices to their family members and friends. We are looking to collect 150 quarts of ice! Can we do it? Being that this is Marlboro�s first year we are setting a $500-$700 goal for our school, with the experience that we have had from this year we will utilize to our advantage next year and setting our goal much higher.