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A Decade of Dedication: Spotlight on Caitlin Gill, Director of Education at Newtown Square

Ten years ago, Caitlin Gill graduated from Cabrini University and started her career in early childhood education with her first job as a Preschool Teacher at The Malvern School of Newtown Square. Fast forward to present-day, you can now find Caitlin in her office as the Director of Education at the very same school. How did she get there? “I’ve found myself in this role by taking on and seeking out new responsibilities, being open to suggestions and feedback, and following my passion for early childhood education,” Caitlin shares.

Her journey to Director has come with more than a decade of experience as a teacher, including over six years as the school’s Curriculum Coordinator. After four years of teaching, Caitlin sought out more ways to get involved with the school, Curriculum Coordinator being the perfect fit. This role allowed Caitlin to gain valuable experience in program planning, mentoring and training of new teachers, and assisting the Directors in many ways–making her next step into a Director position a natural one.

We took a deeper dive into Caitlin’s journey to get an understanding of what it truly means to advance within The Malvern School and embody The Malvern Way. Here’s what she had to say:


How did you feel when you were promoted to Director of Education?

Caitlin: Being recognized by my hard work and having The Malvern School put their trust in me truly meant the world. To be able to step into the role as a Director at the same school I had started my teaching career makes it even more special. I’ve created so many relationships with the families, students, and staff at the school- it feels like I’m coming full circle!


What qualities/practices do you take from a Teaching position to a Director of Education role?

Caitlin: Always, always, always putting the children first. Managing teachers, planning school activities, writing lesson plans- it always comes back to the children. This was my main priority as a teacher and it’s just as important in my role as Director of Education. As long as all of our children are happy, healthy, and learning to the best of their abilities, I know I’m doing my job.


What advice would you give to other teachers who would like to achieve these goals?

Caitlin: As a teacher, you’re always receiving feedback, whether it be from a Director, Executive Staff member, or a parent. Use this feedback to better yourself. Take a chance, try something new in your classroom, and always be willing to change for the better. Challenging yourself in these ways will only translate to success.


What do you feel aided in your ability to advance your career at The Malvern School?

Caitlin: Having the opportunity to learn from various styles of leadership throughout The Malvern School has molded my career and helped me advance in such an exciting way. From working alongside other Directors with years of experience to receiving frequent visits from The Malvern School Programming team- I always took their feedback to heart and feel they are the reason I am here today. I feel lucky to be supported by so many amazing people in this organization.


In her heart of hearts, Caitlin will always be a teacher who makes learning from others her priority. It is because of this she will continue to find great success at The Malvern School, leading others to elevate their career and enrich children’s lives forever. 

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