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6 Ideas to Keep Your Kids Moving This Winter

With colder weather keeping us cooped up, many of our favorite ways to stay active tend to remain dormant throughout the winter. Although our Malvern School friends get outside whenever they can, in the home stretch of the season cabin fever is at an all-time high with restless children (and parents, too!) However, there are plenty of ways to beat the winter blues and keep your kids moving all year long.

The American Heart Association recommends children ages three and older have regular physical activity and plenty of opportunities to move throughout the day. Try these tactics out at home to master maintaining a happy and healthy lifestyle with your child!

1. Bubble chase 

Blow bubbles in the backyard and have a race to see who can pop them first. (Tip: If it’s cold enough, they will freeze! When the temps dip below freezing, break out the bubbles for this special trick.)

2. Bust a move 

“Alexa, play my favorite song!” Turn on your favorite tunes and have an indoor dance party.

3. Get your game on 

Suggest games that require movement like Twister or freeze tag. Oldies but goodies!

4. Create a “movement jar” 

Write words, phrases, or drawings that call for movement on slips of paper and fill a jar with them. Whether it be a jumping jack or jazz dance, whatever you draw from the jar you must do!

5. Conquer the course

Set up an obstacle course with cushions, pillows, and anything else you can find! Set a timer to see how fast you can complete it.

6. Hop to it

Use tape to make a hopscotch pattern on the floor. Add to the pattern each day and see how far you can go!


No matter the weather, these fun and playful activities will help keep your child active and engaged every day!

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