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40 Things We Love and Appreciate About Our Malvern School Teachers

Helping infants and young children get the best possible start in life and laying the foundation for their future success is one of the most important jobs out there.

It’s a privilege that our amazing team of early childhood educators at The Malvern School embrace with enthusiasm and grace – always. That’s why our students, families and school communities love to shower our teachers with love and appreciation every day, especially during Teacher Appreciation Week!

In honor of this special week, our schools have all sorts of fun teacher appreciation activities in store. We also asked our Director team and Executive Office staff to share what they appreciate most about our Malvern School teachers. Their responses say it all!

Here are 40 (yes, 40!) things we love and appreciate about our Malvern School teachers:

1. “I appreciate the way our teachers nourish the hearts and minds of the children. They pour every bit of themselves into ensuring the children feel loved and seen. The Malvern School teachers are everything to the children and the families.” – Kristen M. Waterfield, The Malvern School’s Founder & CEO

2. “I love that you can see how much they love the children day in and day out.” – Katie LeVan, Senior Director of Education, Warrington

3. “They are some of the most hardworking, dedicated and loving teachers we could ask for. They truly care about the wellbeing and education of our students and work tirelessly to ensure they are providing the best education and care possible.” – Chelsey Oakley, Executive Director, West Norriton

4. “I appreciate the time they take each day to make sure the kids are having fun and engaged. It takes a big heart to shape little minds!” – Michelle Donahue, Director of Education In Training, Glen Mills

5. “I appreciate their willingness to do whatever it takes to make sure we run a high-quality school. I also appreciate how they support one another in various ways.” – Rahisha Wright, Executive Director, Upper Gwynedd

6. “I appreciate all of their hard work and dedication. Their level of commitment is admirable and inspiring. I am very fortunate to have such a great team!” – Jennifer Johnson, Executive Director, Downingtown

7. “They always put the children first!” – Ashley Bengough, Executive Director, Lionville

8. “Their dedication and commitment to providing a loving, nurturing and safe learning environment for the children in their care.” – Leslie Fuller, Business Operations Manager

9. “Malvern School teachers are dedicated early childhood professionals! They reflect the best of the best!” – Daisy Anetor, Director of Operations

10. “Their unwavering dedication to the education and wellbeing of all children in our care!” – Kate Perez, Senior Executive Director, Richboro

11. “We appreciate their dedication and their willingness to perform at an outstanding level in and outside of their classrooms. The Malvern School of Collegeville teachers also show up for the children and parents daily. We would not be the school we are without them!” – Megan Larson, Executive Director, Collegeville

12. “Their love and dedication to the children is the number one thing I appreciate about my teachers. They also care for and support each other as a team and create a positive, encouraging environment to work in.” – Sara Abate, Executive Director, Frazer

13. “I appreciate their smiles each and every day!” – Corrinne Kluge, Director of Marketing

14. “I love how dedicated our teachers are to providing the best environment for their students. They work hard every day to plan meaningful and engaging activities!” – Candice Rachor, Director of Education, Royersford

15. “All their hard work and dedication. How much they care about the children and their education!” – Amiee Krotulski, Director of Education, Montgomeryville

16. “I appreciate our teachers’ dedication to excellence and their ability to come together and support each other, their students and their families!” – Jheni Melton, Associate Director, Westtown

17. “The patience, kindness and creativity our teachers show is remarkable. Their commitment to providing a safe and nurturing environment for young children is truly invaluable.” – Danielle Soll, Human Resources Manager

18. “Malvern School teachers care about the children like they are their own.” – Samantha Smith, Director of Education, Washington Township

19. “I appreciate their willingness and motivation to help each child reach his/her goals. I appreciate their dedication to the teaching field and to each other as a team!” – Briana Valente, Executive Director, Erial

20. “They are always willing to help. They work together as a team. They are creative. And they put the children first. I love my Malvern School of Horsham family!” – Devin Clinefelter, Director of Education, Horsham

21. “Each day, they show up to school with a smile on their faces and they are here for the children. The hard work and dedication that they show on the easiest days and the hardest days cannot be matched.” – Stephanie Bennis, Director of Education, Blue Bell

22. “The teachers at West Norriton are the most selfless and hardworking people I have ever had the pleasure of working with. They make my job so incredibly fulfilling and I absolutely love coming to work every day because of their dedication!” – Abby Jett, Director of Education, West Norriton

23. “The children are their number one priority.” – Gigi Garcia, Director of Human Resources

24. “We appreciate how dedicated and hardworking our teachers are! They always arrive to school with smiles and ready to take on whatever the day throws their way!” – Dana Bladon, Executive Director, Marlboro

25. “I appreciate all of the hard work and dedication that our teachers pour into running a safe, nurturing and fun learning environment. I cannot thank them enough for all of the energy, patience and love they devote to their classrooms each and every day! You are all rockstars!” – Cate Dodge, Associate Director, Horsham

26. “They plan wonderful learning activities that challenge each individual child. They can be flexible when the day-to-day changes.” – Samantha Ferrara, Associate Director, Valley Forge

27. “I appreciate how dedicated, kind and nurturing our teachers are. I see daily the positive impact they are making on the lives of young children by being their warm, enthusiastic, caring selves.” – Erin Miller, Human Resources Manager

28. “What I appreciate most about Malvern School teachers is the outpouring of love that can be seen in each classroom display and daily interactions with children and families.” – Maggie Brace, Associate Director, Glen Mills

29. “The children and parents enjoy the experience the teachers bring to their classrooms! Every child leaves feeling loved each day!” – Natalia Turner, Executive Director, Newtown Square

30.“The way my team pulls together to support each other is awesome, and it makes me proud each time I see it happening!” – Tracy Anderson, Associate Director, King of Prussia

31. “I appreciate how they create a safe and loving environment for each child. Their hard work doesn’t go unnoticed!” – Morgan Martinez, Staff Accountant

32. “Our Malvern School teachers genuinely care for the children and families. They are supportive and show love through all they do!” – Lisa Delaney, Executive Director, Westtown

33. “Our teachers are the absolute best – they are hardworking, loyal and so dedicated to their students, each other and the school as a whole. Their jobs are not easy but they make it look like it is.” – Chelsea Woloshin, Assistant Director, Blue Bell

34. “Their willingness to always go above and beyond for our children! They have always been there for my daughter and I whenever we have needed them!” – Kaleigha Evans, Talent Acquisition Manager

35. “Our teachers have huge hearts for our kiddos. They are very innovative and knowledgeable about what the children need each day. Full smiles each day can be found throughout the classrooms.” – Nicole Graeser, Executive Director, Warrington

36. “What I appreciate most about Malvern School teachers is the dedication and love they share for the children each and every day.” – Jennifer Vignola, Assistant Director, Glen Mills

37. “I appreciate the effort, braveness and dedication our teachers bring to work each day. When times are tough, they are tougher and continue to show up for those who count the most: the little people.” – Robyne Cook, NAEYC Accreditation Specialist

38. “I appreciate their passion for working with children and their ability to provide them with the most genuine care and love every single day. I appreciate how tirelessly they work each day and that they always pull together as a team to help each other out. I am so proud of our Robbinsville team and am so glad to be part of it!” – Missy Taggart, Director of Education, Robbinsville

39. “Their passion and drive to make each child’s experience the absolute best it can be! Our teachers are committed to making our program, and each student in it, a success.” – Jessica Thomas, Executive Director, Voorhees

40. “Our teachers always put the children first. They are committed to giving their all for the children in the classrooms.” – Amie Beyrent, Admissions Coordinator

What do you appreciate most about your Malvern School teachers? Head over to Facebook and Instagram and let us know using the hashtag #LoveOurMalvernSchoolTeachers!


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