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For Early Childhood Education

4 Things You Can Expect at Back to School Night

What does it mean to be Malvern Made? Find out first-hand at our annual Back to School Night! This parents-only event gives Malvern families the opportunity to experience school like their young child. From meeting your child’s Teachers and Directors to connecting with other Malvern families, here’s what you can expect…


Experience our high-quality program first-hand- Learn about The Malvern School curriculum, classroom routines, and more as you get a close look at your child’s classroom and school environment. Each play center, wall display, and book have a purpose at The Malvern School- take this time to understand the why behind your child’s daily activities. This is also a great opportunity to learn specific activities your child loves or what they excel in and link this to learning at home!


Meet your child’s Directors and Teachers- Beyond the rushed “hi” and “bye” at drop-off and pick-up, Back to School Night is the perfect opportunity to take the time to get to know your child’s Teachers and Directors. Ask questions, pick their brain, or just have a conversation- strengthening this relationship will benefit all moving forward. Don’t overlook this opportunity to seek advice for beyond the school day- The Malvern School staff are highly qualified early childhood experts and are a great resource for any questions you may have at home!


Explore our custom-designed specialty rooms- Play-based learning is the foundation of The Malvern School’s curriculum and the path to early childhood education success. Our custom-designed specialty rooms give children the opportunity to thrive. Get on your child’s level by discovering and exploring our Discovery Room and Fascination Station and the unique benefits they have to offer. Ask about the many advantages that these rooms bring for an experience your child can’t get anywhere else! 


Meet and connect with other Malvern School parents- Use the evening to meet and connect with the friendly faces you see every morning! There is a strong sense of community among Malvern School parents and this is a great opportunity to strengthen your support group and child’s social circle!


For any questions about Back to School Night at your specific school, please contact your Directors. We can’t wait to see you there!

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