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26 Reasons Malvern School Teachers Rule!

It’s Teacher Appreciation Week, and we can think of a thousand reasons why we love and so deeply appreciate everything our Malvern School teachers do for our students, their families and our school on a daily basis.

To put it simply, Malvern School teachers rule!

Each of our Director teams across Pennsylvania and New Jersey weighed in on their top reasons why:

  1. They spread love to all the children and help them grow into amazing people. – Malvern
  2. They have a special way of lighting up children’s days. You can see it when kids run into their arms at drop off, when they have small groups captivated with their lessons plans and when they have rooms full of giggling children. It’s a gift! – Frazer
  3. They’re super creative! You won’t find just crayons on paper on our walls. They do such amazing art projects that are child-centered, messy and beautiful! – Glen Mills
  4. They’re consistently dedicated to our school. We have teachers who have been with us for over 16 years and continue to provide the same loving care that they did when they first started. Our teachers have made our school their home. We are truly a family and couldn’t be more proud of and thankful for the team we’ve built! – Erial
  5. They go above and beyond every day! Here we are a family and we love to have fun! – Lionville
  6. They’re positive, professional, dedicated and the most warm and caring in the field! – Richboro
  7. They’re continually dedicated to the program and to the field of early childhood education. Their caring and meaningful interactions promote happy learners! – Voorhees
  8. They make us laugh daily, they work hard and they love the children! – Washington Township
  9. They’re flexible. Our staff is always willing to help out wherever and whenever support is needed. We never have to ask twice for anything throughout the school day. What a team! – Royersford
  10. Their loyalty, dedication and commitment to the families we serve and to each other is never-ending. – West Norriton
  11. They’re so devoted to The Malvern School.  They take such great care of our students and many of our teachers have been here for more than 10 years. – King of Prussia
  12. They’re passionate about education, which shines through their interactions with the children and creative lesson plans they create on a weekly basis! – Horsham
  13. They’re the heart and soul of our school. Without them we could not do what we love doing every day! – Newtown Square
  14. They all help each other as a team, give each other creative ideas and pitch in when their colleagues are in need. They treat the children as their own, always comforting and nurturing them! – Downingtown
  15. They genuinely love their jobs. Every day in our classrooms we hear singing, see smiling faces and quality interactions. Our teachers are the reason why our school feels so warm and fuzzy! – Montgomeryville
  16. Because when our staff is happy…our children are happy! And when our children are happy…our parents are thrilled! – Collegeville
  17. They go above and beyond the call of duty each and every day, and they treat the children as they would their own. As a Malvern School parent, as well as a staff member, I know it doesn’t matter who is caring for my child within the school. They will be loved and cared for just as well as I would love and care for them. – Upper Gwynedd
  18. Their passion for working with young children is evident. Every day, we hear them laughing and singing with the children and we see their love for each child shine through in their daily lessons. – Warrington
  19. They make learning fun and exciting for our children every day! They strive for excellence in their classrooms to provide the best learning environment for our children and their families. – Oaks
  20. They’re warm and caring to the children and their families each day. The creativity and passion they display for the field of early childhood education and the children they teach makes them an integral part of the Medford community. – Medford
  21. They work hard and are truly dedicated to their students! – Freehold
  22. They provide exceptional care and unconditional love for their students every day! Our teachers always put the children’s best interests first, consistently encouraging and fostering their happiness. – Marlboro
  23. They’re extremely hard workers. They work long hours, do what is expected of them and go above and beyond. We are very fortunate to have such an amazing team! – Jackson
  24. They bring endless laughter and smiles to not only the children’s faces, but to everyone around the school. – Blue Bell
  25. They each embody The Malvern School’s core values: They work hard each and every day, always put the children first, and create a work environment that feels more like a family. They always go the extra mile and are always willing to help. Even on the toughest days, they are wearing the biggest smiles. – Robbinsville
  26. They’re warriors and advocates for our children. They teach the children not only how to read, write, identify colors and numbers; they also teach the children to sing, dance, love, be friends and a community, and care for one another! – Marlton

Thank you, Malvern School teachers! We are so lucky to have you!

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