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25 Reasons We Love Our Malvern School Families

This Valentine’s Day, we’re sharing 25 reasons we love our Malvern School families!

Each of our schools throughout Pennsylvania and New Jersey weighed in (and would have kept going if they had the chance!).

In case we don’t say it often enough, we love our Malvern School families because…

  1. “…they’re super sweet – loving, friendly and caring!” – Malvern
  2. “…no one’s morning is complete without a second goodbye of extravagant waves outside of the front windows!” – Frazer
  3. “…they understand – and appreciate – the value of NAEYC accreditation.” – Glen Mills
  4. “…they entrust us with their most precious gifts every day, whom we get to nurture, love and teach.” – Erial
  5. “…they make our school events wicked awesome!” – Lionville
  6. “… we never get tired of hearing stories about their children or sharing stories about their days here at Malvern!” – Richboro
  7. “…they continuously show their generosity and gratitude. We’re grateful for their wonderful children and the opportunity to learn with them every day!” – Voorhees
  8. “…they choose us to love, play with, teach, feed, care for and keep their children safe while they’re at work. They choose us to play an integral role in their children’s development and their all-around academic, emotional and social growth – and they trust us to do what is best.” – Washington Township
  9. “…they always want what’s best for their children.” – Royersford
  10. “…of their never-ending generosity and kindness toward our teachers, directors and charities throughout the year!” – West Norriton
  11. “…they’re very involved and stay connected as much as possible!” – King of Prussia
  12. “…they treat all of us as if we’re a part of their families. They’re kind, sincere and amazing!” – Horsham
  13. “…being a family means you’re a part of something very wonderful. It means you will love and be loved for the rest of your life. No matter what!” – Unknown, submitted by Newtown Square
  14. “…they give us wonderful feedback about their children in the morning on Tadpoles, so we’re able to start their days right!” – Downingtown
  15. “…the positive models they set for their children at home make The Malvern School an even better place to be!” – Montgomeryville
  16. “…they’re just like family. They know at The Malvern School their children will learn and feel loved!” – Collegeville
  17. “…they’re continuously involved in their children’s activities at our school. We love seeing how actively engaged they are in their children’s education!” – Upper Gwynedd
  18. “…they allow us to be part of their children’s lives each day, watching and encouraging them to grow and learn!” – Warrington
  19. “…they’re active participants in their children’s growth and development, and support us in their children’s learning.” – Oaks
  20. “…they’re so generous toward others in need, whether it’s collecting canned food, providing holiday gifts for the less fortunate, donating toiletries to the homeless or contributing financially to causes we all care about.” – Medford
  21. “…their generosity is unmatched.” – Freehold
  22. “…they’re the reason we’re able to do what we love each day!” – Marlboro
  23. “…they make coming to work each day worth it, always showing their appreciation and gratitude for all of the hard work our teachers do!” – Jackson
  24. “…of the constant support and appreciation they show our teachers.” – Blue Bell 
  25. “…they make each day a new fun adventure!” – Robbinsville

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