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10 Signs You Know You’re a Malvern School Parent

Yes, The Malvern School team is a group of educators, but we’re also Malvern School parents ourselves! We know Malvern School parents have a lot in common – from things that are significant to everyday realities that might make you chuckle – as a result of experiencing The Malvern Way day to day with their children.

From Frazer to Freehold, you know you’re a Malvern School parent when…


  1. You’ve walked away from the infant room with booties on at least once (or maybe more than once…)


  1. Your heart nearly bursts seeing your child hug all of their friends hello or goodbye.


  1. You feel like you should have earned some type of medal for balancing baby seats, older siblings, backpacks, lunch bags and sleeping bags (on Monday mornings) – and using your key fob to enter the front door.


  1. You have enough artwork from your child’s activities at school that your home could be mistaken for a legitimate abstract art gallery.


  1. Your morning isn’t complete without emphatically waving and blowing kisses to your child outside of the front windows.


  1. Not only do you have the best teachers during the week, you have the best pick of weekend babysitters around.


  1. You have just as many photos of your child on your phone from Tadpoles as you do from your own camera reel.


  1. You don’t take it personally when your kids run from your arms right into the arms of their teachers.


  1. You say (or think), “I didn’t know you could do that!” as your child shows off what they’re learning.


  1. You realize it feels as much like a family as it does a school.


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