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Preparing to Avoid the Summer Slide

The dreaded summer slide – learning regression over the summer months – is something parents and teachers fear. But it’s nothing to worry about with a summer of both fun and learning at The Malvern School Summer Camp.

While our schools transform into a camp-like atmosphere filled with fun and entertaining guests, summer activities, field trips, sprinkler days, swimming and more, we don’t take a vacation from learning. We ensure our young friends continue their educational journeys by:

  • Focusing on the fundamentals. The weather may change but our commitment to helping children advance with reading/pre-reading, writing, math, science and art doesn’t.


  • Designing fun activities that are also filled with developmentally appropriately learning opportunities – for example, using water play as a forum for science and experimentation.


  • Introducing new experiences, whether it be a weekly camp theme of robotics, an outing to a nature preserve or a musician who allows children to explore and enjoy new instruments at camp.


  • Providing plenty of opportunities for social, emotional, cognitive and physical development, promoting balanced, well-rounded campers.

Is your child prepared to avoid the summer slide?

Talk with a Director at a Malvern School near you and learn more about how our summer camp program can ensure your child remains engaged in learning, is well-prepared for the coming school year and has a blast!

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