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For Early Childhood Education

Gayane Wawrzenczyk

Assistant Teacher


Since 2006

What is the proudest moment of your time at The Malvern School?

My proudest moments at The Malvern School occur every single day. They are the accomplishments of my little students. Watching them grow and turn into little independent children warms my heart like nothing else. I couldn’t be more thankful and proud of how far they have all come.

What do you like most about our program or what do you think sets us apart?

Something that sets The Malvern School apart is our diverse atmosphere and the curriculum is created and tailored to individual age groups precisely and carefully. The curriculum is very family oriented which is something that is very important to parents and children. Another thing that makes The Malvern School different is our highly educated teachers who put their heart and soul into doing everything The Malvern Way and to their best abilities.

What do you enjoy in your free time?

In my free time, I enjoy painting landscapes and still life shots, along with spending time with my teenage daughter. We both enjoy baking together and creating new masterpieces and memories in the kitchen.

Any unique or fun facts about yourself?

I am multi-lingual, five languages in total. They include: English, Czech, Polish, Armenian and Russian!

What is your favorite children’s book?

Corduroy by Don Freeman

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