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For Early Childhood Education

Gayane Wawrzenczyk

Lead Teacher


Since 2006

What sets The Malvern School apart?

I think what sets the Malvern School apart is our diverse and engaging curriculum. We work really hard to tailor each day to the children's needs and keep them eager to learn and discover.

What's your proudest Malvern Moment?

My proudest Malvern Moment happens each and every day when I get to witness my students grow and learn. When they smile in their own prideful moment, is when I too can be proud.

What's your best advice to parents of young children?

My best advice is that children are never too young to be challenged and parents should always encourage them to pursue their curiosities.

What do you enjoy in your free time?

I enjoy painting out on my balcony with my kitty, Lucy, and baking healthy sweet treats!

What's your favorite children's book?


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