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The Malvern School of Royersford

Creativity and Good Nutrition in the Kitchen

Like any healthy habit, good nutrition is important for children to learn from an early age.   Fueling up – not just filling up – helps: Kids grow physically Promote brain development Stabilize energy and moods Prevent disease and the benefits don’t stop there. Given that food is an important part of all of our… Read More

A ‘Beary’ Special Story Time

Among the many things that are stressed to parents is the importance of reading aloud to children starting in infancy – and for good reason. We know it helps language development, comprehension, creativity, imagination, and even boosts brain activity. Literacy is foundational to our curriculum and integrated into our lesson plans in many different ways.… Read More

Malvern School STEAM Day Success

The great leaders, thinkers and doers that will shape the future of tomorrow are sitting in our classrooms today. Down the line, they will be the ones who must create and innovate to drive their eventual careers, companies and our country forward – and exposure to STEAM (science, technology, engineering, art and math) at a… Read More

Time for STEAM!

Everyday at 2:00pm, the Pre-Kindergarten children at The Malvern School of Royersford are waking up from nap and getting ready for an exciting, educational adventure! Each afternoon, the children are participating in a variety of hands-on activities to further develop their skills in Science, Technology, Engineering, Art, and Math (STEAM). For example, this week our… Read More

Musical Monday at Malvern

What do you get when you mix Malvern School children, talented family members, and a variety of musical instruments? It’s musical Monday at Malvern! Our children were thrilled to sing, dance, and play instruments with family members as part of this special celebration during The Week of the Young Child! The performers played drums, harmonicas,… Read More

Royersford PreK Sends Their Love!

What is it like to work in a post office? The Pre-Kindergarten children at The Malvern School of Royersford found out! During the month of February, as a special learning center, the children had the opportunity to explore a post office. Our cashiers practiced their coin recognition and counting skills by “selling” envelopes, stamps, and… Read More

Sensory Exploration at Royersford!

Since birth, children have been seeing, smelling, tasting, touching and hearing to learn more about the world! Children are usually quick to dive in and explore new things with their hands. This is why at The Malvern School, we believe it is important to include many meaningful, hands-on, sensory activities throughout the day. In our… Read More

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