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The Malvern School of Newtown Square

Water, Water Everywhere

Our campers of all ages absolutely love water play! To give them more and different opportunities to have fun with H2O, our Week 7/8 camp theme was devoted to Water, Water Everywhere. Trust us, water was everywhere with some very creative takes on this theme! See some of the highlights below.   The Malvern School… Read More

Alex’s Day: Squeezing Together – at a Safe Distance – to Fight Childhood Cancer

While many things at school are different this summer, there’s a lot that hasn’t changed, including our commitment to helping children develop strong character values and our dedication to helping fight childhood cancer. The Malvern School is extremely proud to be a longstanding partner of Alex’s Lemonade Stand Foundation (ALSF). Even though our traditional lemonade… Read More

A Decade of Dedication: Spotlight on Caitlin Gill, Director of Education at Newtown Square

Ten years ago, Caitlin Gill graduated from Cabrini University and started her career in early childhood education with her first job as a Preschool Teacher at The Malvern School of Newtown Square. Fast forward to present-day, you can now find Caitlin in her office as the Director of Education at the very same school. How… Read More

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