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40 Things We Love and Appreciate About Our Malvern School Teachers

Helping infants and young children get the best possible start in life and laying the foundation for their future success is one of the most important jobs out there. It’s a privilege that our amazing team of early childhood educators at The Malvern School embrace with enthusiasm and grace – always. That’s why our students,… Read More

Teamwork Keeps Malvern School Teachers at the Top of Their Game

Spotlight on Terri Cornine & Lauren Behar Role: Preschool Lead Teacher & Get Set Lead Teacher Location: The Malvern School of Richboro Malvern School Employees Since: 2012 & 2018 Just like they say it takes a village to raise a child, delivering high-quality early childhood education truly takes a team. This team mentality is pervasive… Read More

A Strong Sense of Community Sets The Malvern School Apart

Spotlight on Abby Jett Role: Director of Education Location: The Malvern School of West Norriton Malvern School Employee Since: 2021 Being part of a community is powerful in many ways. It enables you to bond with others, develop meaningful relationships, grow in a supportive environment and contribute to something bigger than yourself. Experiencing – and… Read More

An Award-Winning Approach to Education

The Terri Lynne Lokoff Teacher Awards have been honoring outstanding early care and education teachers since 1994. This year, for the second year in a row, Malvern School teachers were among the honorees from around the country! One of the 2022 Teacher Award recipients is Ms. Melissa Bussell, Preschool 1 Lead Teacher and Curriculum Coordinator… Read More

Learning at The Malvern School is About Growth for Teachers and Directors, Too

Spotlight on Katie LeVan Role: Senior Director of Education Location: The Malvern Schools of  Warrington and Richboro  Malvern School Employee Since: 2017 When people think about early childhood education, young children’s learning and development are, of course, top of mind. But for early learning experts like Ms. Katie, growth opportunities designed for teachers and Directors… Read More

What Does It Mean to Stand for High-Quality Education? Teacher Ashley Lester Explains

Spotlight on Ashley Lester  Role: Lead Teacher Classroom: Preschool Location: The Malvern School of Warrington Malvern School Employee Since: 2018 Recognized for her dedication, expertise and commitment to providing high-quality early learning experiences, Miss Ashley is an outstanding early childhood educator. In addition to being named Teacher of the Year at The Malvern School of… Read More

An Amazing Team Makes a Great Workplace, According to Teacher Marisa Ciocca

Spotlight on Marisa Ciocca Role: Lead Teacher Classroom: Toddlers Location: The Malvern School of Richboro Malvern School Employee Since: 2015 An amazing team can make the difference between a good workplace and a great one. That’s the type of team that Ms. Marisa enjoys being part of at The Malvern School of Richboro – and… Read More

The Malvern School’s High Standards Mean Quality, Says Teacher Jenna Paul

Spotlight on Jenna Paul Role: Lead Teacher and Health & Safety Coordinator Classroom: Infants Location: The Malvern School of Richboro Malvern School Employee Since: 2018 When it comes to early childhood education, quality – of programming and teachers/staff – is everything. Miss Jenna embodies and appreciates The Malvern School’s commitment to both. Not only does… Read More

For Malvern School Teacher Anna Kuhn, It’s All About Child-Centered Learning

Spotlight on Anna Kuhn Role: Lead Teacher & Curriculum Coordinator Classroom: Older Toddler Location: The Malvern School of Lionville Malvern School Employee Since: 2017 Miss Anna first discovered her passion for teaching as an assistant ballet and tap instructor for dancers as young as two years old. Since then, she earned her Bachelor’s degree in… Read More

What Teacher Colleen Friel Loves Most About Malvern: The People

Spotlight on Colleen Friel Role: Assistant Teacher Classroom: Get Set Location: The Malvern School of Warrington Malvern School Employee Since: 2019 With a remarkable 30 years of experience in early childhood education, Ms. Colleen initially set her sights on joining The Malvern School family because of its excellent reputation in the field. Since coming onboard… Read More

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