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A Closer Look at the Normalcy of Early Learning in the Time of COVID

When it comes to early childhood education, the COVID-19 pandemic has only emphasized what a critical role early learning and child care programs play for young children and their families. Many people know places like The Malvern School were among the first to adapt to provide in-person learning and care in the time of COVID.… Read More

Love, Learning & ‘Normalcy’ Define The Malvern School’s Pandemic Response

It has been one year since the World Health Organization declared COVID-19 a global pandemic, turning life as we knew it upside down. While a lot has certainly changed over the past 12 months, our team has been working tirelessly since the start to ensure that some of the most important things for our young… Read More

Simple (but Powerful) Mindfulness Activities for Children and Adults

Practicing mindfulness comes with list of benefits nearly a mile long – among them the ability to help develop empathy and curiosity, increase focus and self-regulation, promote happiness and optimism, relieve stress and anxiety, and that’s not all. “Children are uniquely suited to benefit from mindfulness practice,” says New York Times writer David Gelles in… Read More

Child Care and COVID-19: 7 Key Questions to Ask Before Sending Your Child (Back) to School

Whether you’re still deciding what’s best for your child or you have already made the decision to send your little one back to child care or preschool, it’s critically important to know the right questions to ask about COVID-19 health and wellness measures. Keep these seven key questions in mind as you talk with school… Read More

Buster the Glo Germ Visits to Help with Handwashing

It’s one thing to explain to kids why good handwashing is important for staying healthy. It’s another for them to actually “see” how washing their hands properly kills germs that could make them sick. Enter Buster the Glo Germ, a special (stuffed) guest who recently visited The Malvern School of Lionville. Thanks to the Pennsylvania… Read More

Tried-and-True Tips for Getting Young Kids Comfortable Wearing Face Masks

Whether you’re gearing up for your child’s return to school or taking COVID-19 precautions as you venture out with your little one, we know parents may be facing – or fearing – challenges getting their kids comfortable wearing face masks. Maybe you’re seeing other children wearing masks but think your son or daughter would never… Read More

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