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Health & Wellness

The health and wellness of our children, families and staff is of the utmost importance for The Malvern School. Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, we have modified our operating procedures and enhanced our health policy in order to take precautions to provide an appropriate environment for children and staff.

Along with our pre-existing health and safety protocols, which exceed current licensing standards, our enhanced health practices in response to COVID-19 are guided by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), our team of Health & Safety Staff and comprehensive input from a certified Health Consultant.

Our goal as a leader in early childhood education and a trusted school is to provide our community with information that will help guide decisions and ease children back into school.

The following policies and procedures are continually being evaluated and updated based on the latest recommendations from the CDC and local and state agencies. They may change as we navigate through the pandemic and the information on this page will be updated accordingly.


The Malvern School’s enhanced health practices in response to COVID-19 include:


Modified Drop Off/Pick-Up Procedures

Parents and caregivers are required to complete a daily health screening prior to entering the school building. We ask that only one parent/caregiver per family enter when possible and to keep the entry time within 15 minutes. Upon arrival, parents must use the hand sanitizer kiosk at the entrance and continue to the classroom. Once at the door, the parent must knock and wait for the teacher to open the door and to check the child into the classroom. Parents are not permitted to enter the classroom. The same process is in place during pick-up. While in the building, families will socially distance themselves from others.


Health Screening

Upon arrival, all children and staff will go through a daily health screen before being permitted into our schools. Health screenings will include a visual check for signs of illness and confirmation that the individual does not have a cough or shortness of breath. There will also be a mid-day temperature check for all staff and students.

Social Distancing in the Classroom

Social distancing our young friends is a bit different in a child care setting. Children will be placed in the same group every day with the same teacher(s). Groups will not co-mingle and social distancing will be practiced throughout the day especially during meal time and nap time. All special guests, visitors and field trips have been postponed until further notice.

Face Masks at School

Masks are currently optional for all staff, children, parents, and visitors to our schools. We will continue to follow guidelines from local health officials and will re-implement any masking policy as necessary.

Cleanliness and Sanitizing Practices

Our buildings will continue to be extensively cleaned and disinfected by our outside professional cleaning service on a nightly basis with increased attention to frequently touched areas. In addition, staff will rotate materials throughout the day for sanitation in all classrooms. Our playgrounds will be disinfected throughout the day and in between group use.

Hand Washing

Hand washing has always been a frequent activity throughout the day at our schools. With CDC guidance, we have updated the regular times that hands will be washed. In addition, staff and children will ensure hands are washed at a minimum of once per hour (except while sleeping).

Meal Time Precautions

Organic snack is served twice a day and may be served during staggered times to accommodate social distancing. Teachers will continue to serve children utilizing our current health and safety policy by wearing gloves and all snacks will be provided as an individual serving. Lunches may also be served at staggered times. All families are asked to provide no-heat lunches in disposable containers.

For full details, Malvern School families should reference the Parent Handbook COVID-19 Addendum. Please contact your Director if you would like to receive another copy for your reference.

See additional resources below with information to help guide families and ease children’s transition back to school.

CDC Guidance —

American Academy of Pediatrics and Cloth Face Coverings for Children —

Questions? If you have questions about our Health & Wellness Guidance, please feel free to contact your school’s Director.

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